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Cutting Edge Curriculum

Campers will be exposed to the most current technical and tactical skills required to excel in today’s game, as well as topics like sports pyschology and video analysis.

At Wake Forest we believe in teaching from small to big. Therefore each day of camp concepts and themes will be introduced first on an individual level during the first session of the day. This may include things such as new passing techniques, intricate elimination moves, or individual defensive skills. In the next session, those skills will be further entwined into the day’s theme by working in small groups to apply the skills into modified playing situations. These sessions will involve a lot of competitions and re-emphasize how these skills and concepts lead to winning. Lastly full-field scrimmages will bring coaching points full-circle and will allow for open play and player experimentation.

No two sessions will be alike. Drills and games will be fresh and adapted from the best clubs and programs around the world. Campers will not only benefit from on-field instruction but will also be exposed to film sessions, tactical meetings, and weight room activities, just like a true Division I athlete experience.